Friday, September 24, 2010

Menu for Thursday, September 30th

(3) 4" Raw Tacos with No-Fried Bean Pate, 4oz Pico de Guaco,
and 2oz cilantro-sesame sour cream (Nut-free) ($9)
6oz. Creamy Jalapeno-Lime Dressing ($6)
6oz. Nacho Cheese (Brazil Nut Base)  ($7)
25-30 Chili-Lime Crackers (Nut-free) ($9)
Nectarine Cobbler with Mac Nut Crust, and Pecan Crumble (see pictures below!) ($7)

Order/Add-on/Substitution Options: 2 sunshine wraps ($6) or Nacho Kale Chips ($7)

This menu can be ordered a la carte, as well as in a full menu: The cost for the menu is $35, and can be further reduced by becoming a Subscriber to our  CSK (Community Supported Kitchen) and ordering 3 weeks at a time for $100.

You can pick up your food each Thursday at our commercial kitchen in SE Portland, and we will also offer bike delivery service from 3-6pm in the close-in Portland area ($5), and car delivery for more distant areas ($5-7)

Please place your orders by emailing  by Monday at 11pm...

If you would like to order, but it is past Monday, please email us for availability, as we try to make a few extras each week.

Thank you!


  1. Hi, can you post or link more info on the CSK program? Thanks!

  2. Sure! Thanks for asking -

    The CSK (Community Supported Kitchen) is a program where we in the kitchen design a changing weekly menu that features local, seasonal, organic, & raw ingredients, as an offering for your enjoyment!

    The menu is posted weekly by Friday evening, and you can order single items, a whole menu at a discounted price, or you can "subscribe" for 3 consecutive weeks.

    We make the food each Thursday morning, and it is currently available for pick-up at our kitchen (SE 12th & Division) from 12-3 on Thursdays. We offer delivery after 3pm, with a charge based on how close or far we deliver.

    We ask that orders be placed by the Monday evening before "CSK Thursday" to make certain we'll have it ready for you in time - although if you're late in deciding, we usually make a couple extras ;)

    Hope that answers your question, and please don't hesitate to post or contact us at if you have more questions!

    Thank you,