Sunday, June 28, 2009

And another beautiful Sunday with Food Not Bombs at the Elephant Statue on the Park Blocks off Burnside...we meet at 5:30ish with some of yesterday's salads and another fresh one made up. It's such a gift to be able to share healthy organic food with those who have very little access to it, and it's our customers who make this possible...thank you to everyone!

We also had a breakthrough with the compostable containers, opting for the more compostable and sustainable sugarcane "hoagie box"...fear not, they are equi-voluminous, so they hold the same amount of salad :) They do have one downfall, which is that they do not keep the salad as well, which means that you can no longer keep the salad in the fridge for the next four days and have it still be fresh...easy way around that? Just transfer your salad into a sealed tupperware container at home! I love to use mason jars as my tupperware, using plastic caps you can purchase in the canning section of most stores...however there are also stores that sell glass bowls of varying shapes and sizes that come with a tight-fitting plastic lid that could also make great containers for salads using much less can check out one of these at Uwajimaja market in Beaverton or online by searching "glass tupperware."

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