Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Cleanse 2013

Hi Everyone,
To ring in a new year, I’ll be preparing food for a 14-day cleanse to help us all ease into better health and wellness, and move into a space of eating less sugar and salt, as well as keep you organic, vegan, and alive!

The first part of the cleanse will be lightly sweetened and salted, and as we move deeper into the cleanse, we’ll start consuming less sugars and salt, and also move entirely to liquid for 5 days. The last 4 days you will be enjoying delicious and filling salads, juices, and soups. At this point, no sweeteners, and limited fruit and sweet vegetables will be used. Also, only herbs, seaweed, and celery salt will be used to season the food. It'll be awesome, and you'll feel amazing!

It will start on Monday, January 14th and go through Sunday, February 3rd.  I’m looking forward to treating you and myself to this special menu. 

As always with The New Leaf, everything will be Organic, Freshly-Made, Gluten-Free, Vegan, & Raw.

Sample Menu is as follows, subject to change:

Mon 1/14
Tues  1/15
Weds 1/16
Thurs 1/17
Fri 1/18
Sat 1/19
Sun 1/20
Fruit Parfait + coconut cream
Grawnola + Mylk
32oz Fruit Smoothie + greens
32oz Green Smoothie with fruit
32oz Green Smoothie with no fruit
32oz Green smoothie, no sweet
32oz green juice
Pizzettes, with house-dried tomatoes & buckwheat crust
SunBurger with all the fixins
Raw Taco Boats with sesame sour cream & guacamole
Pad Thai Salad with rainbow veggies & kelp noodles
Salad of Plenty… lots of veggies
32oz Chilled Soup: Creamy Borscht
32oz Chilled Soup: Cucumber-Dill
Baby Greens Salad + dressing + spiced nuts
Baby Greens Salad + dressing + sm cheeze
Baby Greens Salad + dressing + veggies
Baby Greens Salad + dressing + veggies
Baby Greens Salad + dressing + veggies
32oz. Juice, (with ½ apple for sweet)
32oz veggie juice
Berry Pie
Brownie Bites
16 oz nut mylk, with dates
16oz sesame mylk, no sweet
Spiced Pumpkin Seeds
Flax crackers, salt free
Flax crackers, salt free

You will pick up food on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays (and Sundays if possible) at 8am. The cost will be $650 for 14 days of food and juice, plus a $50 deposit for the Tupperware and glass containers that will be used for your food. 

There are three doTerra essential oils (On Guard, Slim & Sassy, & Digest Zen) that I recommend as a support for the cleanse, and I will be happy to provide them for you.  If you are interested in using essential oils for support, please let me know.

I have space for 3-4 more people.  Please sign up by January 9th by emailing Agnieszka at forward to getting started!

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