Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beaverton FM Saturday, June 20th

So today was the second day of Market at the Beav (erton FM), where we were stationed in the food aisle and ready for action. We had lovely customers returning from the previous week (good work finding us again!) and many new and curious customers trying something fresh, local, organic, and DELICIOUS!

We made new friends, and received some great suggestions about how to share more Raw food with our customers in way that reduces packaging and that's a little more daring...excited?

The day was cool, but the sun shined at moments...for which our fingers and toes were grateful! As for the menu, we tried out a couple of new salads, including the new Strawberry-Lavender Love from yesterday's berries and lavender from the Hawthorne neighbors! We also did another Locavore (#2 - you were wondering why there was a number one, weren't you?)...check out the menu below...we'll have this one through Wednesday, although we might be adding a few little surprises...maybe something leafy, but not that which is salad...!

Locavore Salad #2
Spiralized Zucchini and Carrots on a bed of Arugula and Green Leaf with a Cilantro-Ginger Vinaigrette and Raw flaxseed cracker.

Strawberry Lavender Love
Cucumbers, Fennel, & Sugar Snap Peas on a bed of Arugula & Green Leaf Lettuce with a Strawberry-Lavender Vinaigrette and Raw flaxseed cracker.

Lemony Snickett Salad (classic Lemony-Tahini with a new name! Thanks Coco!)

Curry Me Delicious

This People's Wednesday is festival time, so 21st is going to be closed, and The New Leaf is going to be found on 21st opposite the People's Bulletin Board next to the Raw Matrix- Hope to see ya'll at the PC!

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  1. ooh those look lovely!! hopefully ur at hillsboro market today! :)