Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunshine Wraps!

Yesterday was the People's Food Co-op Summer Festival and Farmer's Market, and it was amazing! We introduced a new food as an experiment, and we sold out of both our salads and out new Sunshine wraps! The festival was full of joy, laughter, music, great food, and beautiful people - we're grateful to have been a part!

The Sunshine wraps are now going to be a regular part of our menu, and I will always do my best to have a seed option as well as a nut option for the wraps. They are 100% raw, made of nuts, seeds, fresh herbs, veggies, and celtic sea salt all wrapped in a collard green. They're easy to grab, and are served in a coffee filter for minimal environmental impact :) They had quite the buzz at the market, and both batches sold out within 45 minutes of having been posted on the menu $4 each they're a great price, and you'll appreciate them even more once you've tried one! The ingredients are following...

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